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The Pastoral Care Team

UUMC is happy to announce the creation of, The Pastoral Care Team, this team will be providing support to community members who are experiencing difficulty. The team including, Rev. Esponda, Diane Ahearn, Diana Washburn, Leo Diaz, Stephanie Denham, & Wanda Woolery, will meet monthly to discuss congregation needs and how to meet them.

Spiritual Needs

  • Individual/Group Prayer

  • In-home Communion 

  • Accessibility for Sunday Worship

  • Bible/Spiritual Readings such as devotionals and the Upper Room

Social Needs

  • Physical Visits to those Ill

  • Sit with Patient to allow SO other time for errands, etc.

  • Phonce Calls to person who is ill and/or family/friends to provide support.

Bereavement Needs

  • Funeral planning

  • Emotional Support

  • Assist with phone calls, etc

  • Resources within the community

Physical Needs

  • Food

  • Clothing

  • Household Items

  • Assistance with errands such as picking up groceries, prescriptions

  • Assist with light housekeeping

What Our Members Say



"Beautiful church and grounds. People are friendly. One of their missions is serving the Homeless a hot meal each Saturday"
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